Allium gooddingii

Common Names:
Goodding's onion, Gooding's onion
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Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D.
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The Arboretum at Flagstaff

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Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D. contributed to this Plant Profile.


Goodding's onion is a delicate perennial with reddish-purple flowers and a pungent onion aroma. It appears after snow melt and blooms from late May to mid-June. It is often hard to locate and identify plants due to heavy grazing by domestic and wild ungulates that reduce the aboveground parts of the plants to short stubs and may not even leave that much. For this reason its population numbers are hard to quantify when the habitat is not protected.

Luckily for this species, it was listed as a candidate for federal endangered/threatened status. The need for protection of this species was recognized in 1998 when a conservation agreement between the Forest Service and the Environmental Protection Agency was put in place in order to reduce or eliminate threats to it. Two years later, this protection paid off, when Allium gooddingii was removed from the list for candidate status. (USFWS 2000)

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