Tetramolopium lepidotum ssp. lepidotum

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Waianae Range tetramolopium
(Gray) Sherff
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There are seventeen Tetramolopium taxa endemic to Hawaii, seven of which are threatened (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [USFWS] 2001). Tetramolopium lepidotum has two recognized subspecies: ssp. lepidotum, discussed here, and ssp. arbusculum, which is known only from one specimen collected in 1844, and is now considered extinct. For its part, T. c. ssp. lepidotum is maintaining a foothold in the wild, and is found in 4 populations with a total of about 15 plants.

T. lepidotum subsp. lepidotum, a member of the sunflower family (Asteraceae) is an erect perennial shrub (12 to 36 cm tall). It has stems that are apically branched with filiform (threadlike) to linear, linear-oblanceolate, or oblanceolate leaves. The flowers of T. lepidotum subsp. lepidotum are perfect with maroon to pale salmon corollas that are narrow and funnel in form (Wagner et al. 1999). T. lepidotum subsp. lepidotum is a short-lived perennial that is known to flower from April through July (USFWS 1998).

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