Hedyotis st.-johnii

Common Names:
Na Pali Beach hedyotis
Stone & Lane
Growth Habit:
Subshrub, Forb/herb
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Species in the genus Hedyotis are members of the coffee family (Rubiaceae). There are 17 recorded taxa of Hedyotis and, of these, 14 are threatened or endangered, and one is extinct. H. st.-johnii (Na Pali beach hedyotis) is a Federally endangered species, with only four populations containing around 200 individuals total known in the wild (USFWS 2001).

Na Pali beach hedyotis is a succulent perennial herb with slightly woody, trailing, quadrangular stems. Its fleshy leaves cluster towards the base of the stem. Flower clusters are borne on 7 to 15 centimeter-long flowering stems. The green flower petals are fused into a tube about 5 to 8 millimeters long and wide. The fruits are kidney-shaped with dark brown to blackish angular seeds (USFWS 1995). This species is distinguished from related species by its succulence, basally clustered fleshy leaves, shorter floral tube, and large leafy calyx lobes when in fruit (Wagner et al. 1999).

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