Bonamia grandiflora

Common Names:
Florida bonamia, Florida lady's night cap, large-flowered bonamia, scrub morning-glory
(Gray) Hallier f.
Growth Habit:
Vine, Forb/herb
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S.K. Maddox
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Bonamia grandiflora, the perennial scrub morning-glory, or Florida lady's nightcap as it is sometimes called, is the only species of its genus in the continental United States. If lucky, one will find this sprawling herb blooming from April through August with large, attractive deep blue or bluish-purple flowers, typically blooming in the morning and wilting by early afternoon. These funnel-shaped corollas with white throats are 7 to 10 cm long and 7 to 8 cm across. Solitary flowers are produced on long prostrate stems that can reach up to 3 meters long and extend outward flat over the sand. This vine does not twine or climb like a number of introduced species of morning-glory. Bonamia grandiflora is characterized by ovate gray-green leathery leaves that can be up to 4 cm in length. The fruits are capsules that normally contain four smoothish, pale brown or greenish-brown oblong seeds that are 5 to 8 mm long. It has a long, relatively thin tap root, and has been found to produce several below-ground stems when grown in cultivation.

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