Claytonia virginica var. hammondiae

Common Names:
Hammond's Claytonia, Hammond's spring beauty, Hammond's yellow spring beauty
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Claytonia virginica L. var. hammondiae (Kalmbacher) J.J. Doyle, W.H. Lewis, and D.B. Snyder
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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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Claytonia virginica L. var. hammondiae (Kalmbacher) J.J. Doyle, W.H. Lewis, and D.B. Snyder contributed to this Plant Profile.


The plants grow in clumps at the edge of and also in spring fed acidic water seepages along the lower southeast flank of the Kittatiny Mountains in Northwestern New Jersey. The plants are morphologically indistinguishable from Claytonia virginica, except for petal and anther color. Typical plants of the Claytonia vriginica complex have pink to white petals with pink veins and anthers. Claytonia virginica var. hammondiae has yellow petals ranging from deep yellow to yellow-orange. Petal veins of most plants are yellow, and barely contrast with the background color of the petals. Scattered individuals within the population have petals with orange to red-orange veins. On all plants, the anthers are white and the filaments are yellow.

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