Zanthoxylum coriaceum

Common Names:
Biscayne Prickly Ash
(Desv. Ex Ham.) Walp.
Growth Habit:
Shrub, Tree
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Profile Contributors:
Devon Powell and Samuel Wright
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Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

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Devon Powell and Samuel Wright contributed to this Plant Profile.


Shrub or small tree to 7 m tall. Stems armed with prickles. Leaves imparipinnate, infrequently paripinnate, (3-) 5-7-foliolate, (6-) 9-14(-18) cm long; central leaf stalk not winged; leaflets leathery, oblong to elliptic, ovate or obovate, with apex acute to acuminate or emarginated, larger leaflets (2-) 3-8(12) x (1-) 2-4(-5) cm, the margin unarmed, entire to barely crenate, rarely crenate, with teeth separated 2-4(-5) mm at the middle of leaflets; pellucid dots not obvious or < 0.2 mm diameter, sparse on blades. Inflorescence 6-9(-14) cm long. Flowers unisexual in dense terminal cymes; sepals three, about 1 mm long, petals 3, stamens 3, follicles 5-6 mm long. Fruit round, in dense clusters, thickly dotted with small glands, 46 mm (Coile 2000, Reynel 1995, Long and Lakela 1971, Buswell 1945).

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