Xylosma crenata

Common Names:
Saw-tooth Logwood
(St. John) St. John
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Nellie Sugii
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Harold L. Lyon Arboretum

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Nellie Sugii contributed to this Plant Profile.


Xylosma crenatum is a unisexual (produces either male or female flowers) tree which grows up to 46 feet tall. It was first collected in 1917 by Charles Forbes but remained undiscovered for decades due to a misidentification. Over 50 years later, a second collection was made in 1968 by Robert Hobdy along the banks of Mohihi Stream at the edge of Alakai Swamp, Kaua`i. It was later recognized as a separate distinct species in 1972. Currently, it is known only from the island of Kaua`i in 4 different populations consisting of a total of 13 individuals. Two of these populations have only a single plant. Very little is known about this species as to when it flowers, what pollinates it, how long it lives, and what kind of environmental requirements are needed in order for it to grow properly.

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