Styrax portoricensis

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Palo de Jazmin
Krug & Urban
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Joie Goodman and Julissa Roncal
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Joie Goodman and Julissa Roncal contributed to this Plant Profile.


Styrax portoricensis was described in 1892 from specimens collected in 1885 from the Sierra de Naguabo and the Sierra de Yabucoa of Puerto Rico. Specimens were subsequently collected in 1935 and 1954 in the Luquillo mountains. At the time that it was listed as endangered, only one plant was known to exist in the wild. Two additional plants have been reintroduced.

S. portoricensis is an evergreen tree growing up to 10-12m tall. The upper sides of its leaves are shiny dark green. The undersides are pale green and sparsely covered with tiny scales. The white petals have silvery scales on the inside and the fruits, which are pale reddish brown, produce just one seed each. (USFWS 1995)

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