Solidago shortii

Common Names:
Short's goldenrod
Torr. & Gray
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Kimberlie McCue, Ph.D.
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The following Participating Institutions are custodians for this species in the CPC National Collection:
Missouri Botanical Garden
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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Kimberlie McCue, Ph.D. contributed to this Plant Profile.


Short's goldenrod is named after its discoverer, Dr. Charles Short, who found the plant in 1840 growing on a limestone outcrop in Kentucky known as Rock Island. This island was located within the Falls of the Ohio River between Clarksville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. Construction of locks and a dam at the Falls in the early 1900's altered the Island to the point that the species was considered extinct for a number of decades. However, in 1939 E. Lucy Braun, a well-known ecologist, discovered a population in the Blue Lick Springs area of eastern Kentucky. Until 2002, this and another location in Kentucky contained the only known populations of this species in the world. However, in 2002, ecologists with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division
of Nature Preserves discovered a new population of this species--the first in the state--while conducting a botanical and natural area inventory. (Braun 1941; Indiana Department of Natural Resources 2002)

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