Sidalcea oregana var. calva

Common Names:
Oregon checker-mallow, Wenatchee checker-mallow
C.L. Hitchc.
Growth Habit:
Subshrub, Forb/herb
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Profile Contributors:
Edward Guerrant, Ph.D.
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The following Participating Institutions are custodians for this species in the CPC National Collection:
Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank & Plant Conservation Programs
University Of Washington Botanic Gardens
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The conservation of Sidalcea oregana var. calva is fully sponsored.
Edward Guerrant, Ph.D. contributed to this Plant Profile.


In September of 2001, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service caught the attention of many botanists with a promising news release. They had officially designated 6,135 acres of seasonal wetlands as "critical habitat" for the endemic Wenatchee Mountains checker-mallow. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed Sidalcea oregana var. calva as Endangered in 1999, legally protecting individual plants on Federal land from activities that could cause their destruction. The critical habitat designation is also important because it protects most of the approximately 125 acres of habitat that this rare plant currently inhabits and it protects significant additional habitat to allow for population expansion and overall health of the ecosystem. By establishing conservation of this delicate habitat, activities on Federal land that will disturb the habitat, such as up-slope disturbances from road construction, logging or other hydrological alterations will be precluded.

Sidalcea oregana var. calva is found growing with another rare species, Delphinium viridescens (Wenatchee larkspur) at three sites (this species is also profiled on this web site). They share similar habitat requirements, so it stands to reason that conservation efforts to protect habitat for one species will benefit the other.

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