Sarracenia oreophila

Common Names:
green pitcher plant, green pitcher-plant
Growth Habit:
Subshrub, Forb/herb
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North Carolina Botanical Garden

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The majority of the remaining populations of Green Pitcher-plants can be found in the Coosa Valley and Plateau regions of the Cumberland Plateau in northeastern Alabama. The plants grow in acidic soils in moist upland areas and along boggy sandy streams. Following a spring flush of yellow flowers, the plants produce tall green pitchers. In late summer, when the soil dries, these pitchers will die back and be replaced by low, flat winter leaves. In order for the seeds of this species to germinate and become established they must fall on bare moist mineral soil. Though this condition is not rare in undisturbed bogs, fire suppression and habitat degradation have made such sites rare. For this reason, there is little seedling recruitment and most reproduction is asexual. At unmanaged sites, this set of conditions will result in inevitable population decline.

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