Remya kauaiensis

Common Names:
Kauai remya
Growth Habit:
Vine, Shrub
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R. kauaiensis (Asteraceae) is one of three species of a genus endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. It was considered extinct for over 30 years, until 4 populations were discovered starting in 1983. In 2000, 14 populations with a total of approximately 80 plants of R. kauaiensis were recorded (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [USFWS] 2000); four additional populations have since discovered, with more than a hundred additional plants (USFWS 2001).

Seedlings of this taxon have not been observed. Flowers of R. kauaiensis have been observed in April, May, June, and August, and are probably insect-pollinated. Seeds are probably wind or water-dispersed. R. kauaiensis may be self-incompatible. (Sakai et al. 1995)

R. kauaiensis is a small short-lived perennial shrub, about 90 centimeters (3 ft) tall, with many slender, sprawling branches that are covered with fine tan fuzz near their tips. The leaves of R. kauaiensis are coarsely toothed along the edges, and are green on the upper surface while the lower surface is covered with a dense mat of fine white hairs (Wagner et al. 1999).

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