Astragalus anserinus

Common Names:
Goose Creek Milk-vetch
Atwood, Goodrich & Welsh
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Rita Dodge and Sarah Kulpa
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Red Butte Garden and Arboretum

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Rita Dodge and Sarah Kulpa contributed to this Plant Profile.


A. anserinus is a matt forming forb known to grow only on soils formed from ancient volcanic tuff. As one of the few species to populate these barren tuffaceaous outcrops, it assists with soil stabilization. In spring this plant will display bright pink - purple flowers on the backdrop of the soft, gray pubescent leaves. Red curved seed pods form in early June-July.
This species certainly does not consider political boundaries when choosing its habitat, as it occurs in the tri-state corners of Nevada, Utah, and Idaho.
This species is a candidate for listing on the Federal Endangered species list. It has a Global ranking of G2; S1(Idaho and Utah).

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