Polemonium pectinatum

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Washington polemonium
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Edward Guerrant, Ph.D.
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The following Participating Institutions are custodians for this species in the CPC National Collection:
Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank & Plant Conservation Programs
University Of Washington Botanic Gardens

The conservation of Polemonium pectinatum is fully sponsored.
Edward Guerrant, Ph.D. contributed to this Plant Profile.


According to the Endangered Species Act, rare plants found on private land are not required to receive specialized protection. Landowners are not required preserve an endangered plant's habitat. This is cause of concern for Polemonium pectinatum, an herbaceous perennial endemic to eastern Washington. Of the 35 extant occurrences, 25 are found on private land (Gilbert 1998). Polemonium pectinatum is considered a Species of Concern by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and is listed as Threatened by the state of Washington. Even if this species were listed as Threatened or Endangered under the Endangered Species Act, only 10 populations would be officially protected by law.

The unique and starkly beautiful scabland habitat is under continued threat from agricultural conversion and urban development, and consequently so is Polemonium pectinatum. Only by combining the efforts of the federal government, conservation organizations, and most importantly, the local landowners, can the future of this rare and beautiful plant be ensured.

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