Aster puniceus var. scabricaulis

Common Names:
rough-stemmed aster
(Shinners) A.G. Jones
Growth Habit:
Forb/herb, Subshrub
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The following Participating Institutions are custodians for this species in the CPC National Collection:
Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens

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Correll and Johnston (1979) describe this rare plant found in boggy areas of Northeast Texas as a perennial with underground stems and weak above ground stems to 14-18 dm (55- 71 inches) long. The plants bear rough hairs throughout and have entire or shallowly toothed, sessile leaves. Ray flowers or "petals" are a pale lavender-blue and the "eye" or disc flowers are yellow. Plants at Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens flower profusely starting in early October and ending by mid-November and overwinter as basal rosettes. This perennial likes wet feet and is found in aquatic or boggy sites at the edges of ponds or running water.

This Aster occurs in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana (Faulkner 1999) and although not reported by the Mississippi Natural Heritage Program Special Plants Tracking List of 2002, this Aster has been reported to occur in Mississippi (Nesom 1997; Poole et al. 2002).

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