Plagiobothrys hirtus var. hirtus

Common Names:
popcorn flower, rough popcorn flower
(Greene) Johnst.
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Edward Guerrant, Ph.D.
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Edward Guerrant, Ph.D. contributed to this Plant Profile.


The native wetlands occupied by this species offer a unique combination of intertwining aquatic and terrestrial life. Many native annual plants, including skullcap speedwell (Veronica scutellata), Willamette downingia (Downingia yina), and Douglas' meadow-foam (Limnanthes douglasii), as well as a wide variety of aquatic invertebrates depend on the seasonal wetlands for their success and survival. Rough popcornflower is an obligate wetland plant and requires vernal pools to complete its lifecycle. It must remain submerged in standing water from late fall to early spring. The destruction of wetlands in Douglas County, Oregon that results from housing and road construction as well as grazing will lead to extinction of rough popcorn flower if preventative measures are not taken. Both habitat protection and reintroductions of this species are potential mechanisms for the conservation of this species. This species is a good candidate for reintroduction as it germinates readily and can be cultivated in a greenhouse setting.

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