Asplenium heteroresiliens

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Carolina spleenwort fern, Wagner's spleenwort
W.H. Wagner
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North Carolina Botanical Garden

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Asplenium heteroresliens is an evergreen perennial herb member of the Asplenium trichomanes group, with ovate pinnae, and the pinnae in the lower third of the frond somewhat descending and tending to form a low auricle on the posterior side of the base. (Jones-Roe 1982).

Carolina spleenwort grows in small depressions on vertical or high angle faces of marl outcrops and soft limestone rock in Coastal Plain habitats from North Carolina to Florida (Jones-Roe 1982; Dunbar 1989). It can produce viable spores asexually (apogamy). The opposite leaflets, which grow on a shiny black rachis, are sharply toothed and leathery with lobes appearing on the upper margin. Carolina spleenwort is thought to be a hybrid between Bicolored Spleenwort (A. heterochroum) and Blackstem Spleenwort (A. reiliens) (Dunbar 1989). It is offered some level of state protection in all states where it is found.

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