Munroidendron racemosum

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False 'Ohe
(Forbes) Sherff
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Munroidendron is an endangered, monotypic genus that is endemic to Hawaii and a member of the ginseng family (Araliaceae). The only member of this genus is Munroidendron racemosum, a small tree (25 ft. tall) with a straight gray trunk and spreading branches. Leaves are 12 inches long and made up of many oval leaflets. This tree bears small yellow flowers in clusters of 250 that hang from the tree in long, loose bunches. The genus is distinguished from other closely related Hawaiian genera of the family by these distinct flower clusters. White, egg-shaped fruits then form on these clusters.

Reproduction of M. racemosum occurs year round, with flowers and fruits found throughout the year. Self-pollination is assumed to occur since isolated individuals have produced viable seeds. Pollinators have not been observed, but insect pollination is likely. Dispersal mechanisms are unknown (USFWS 1995).

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