Marshallia grandiflora

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giant Barbara's button, large-flowered Barbara's-buttons, large-flowered marshallia, Monongahela Barbara's-buttons
Beadle & F.E. Boynt.
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The New York Botanical Garden

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Giant Barbara's button is found along scoured riverbanks and in bogs in the Mid-Atlantic region. It produces frilly pink or lavender tubular flowers with blue anthers in June and July. (PDCNR 2002) This rare species is found in only 11 watersheds in the Appalachians and the Cumberland Plateau, and in jeopardy throughout its natural range. It is listed as endangered in the states of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and threatened in West Virginia. All historically known populations in North Carolina and Maryland are now extinct due to the destruction of the bog where populations were known to exist. (PDCNR 2002)

These plants require disturbance from periodic flooding to avoid crowding from shrubs and grasses. As a result, flood control and watershed alteration poses the largest threat to the survival of this species.

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