Arenaria macradenia var. kuschei

Common Names:
Forest Camp sandwort, Kusche's sandwort
(Eastw.) Maguire
Growth Habit:
Subshrub, Forb/herb
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Valerie Soza
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Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

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Valerie Soza contributed to this Plant Profile.


Arenaria macradenia var. kuschei is one of four recognized varieties of this species. This taxon was previously thought to occur in Inyo or San Bernardino County, and its habitat was previously reported as unknown in various treatments (Hickman 1993; Skinner and Pavlik 1994). Arenaria macradenia var. kuschei was previously only known from one vague collection, its type collection, in 1929 from "Forest Camp, Mohave Desert" and had not been relocated or observed again until 1994 (Ross and Boyd 1996). Several populations were recently discovered in 1994-1997 on Liebre Mountain in the Western Transverse Ranges of California (Boyd 1997). Arenaria macradenia var. kuschei is morphologically similar to another, more common variety, var. arcuifolia to the west, but differs in the formers densely stipitate-glandular inflorescence (peduncles, pedicels, and calyces).

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