Lipochaeta lobata var. leptophylla

Common Names:
Degener & Sherff
Growth Habit:
Subshrub, Forb/herb
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Twenty species belong to the genus Lipochaeta, all of which are endemic to Hawaii. Eight of these twenty species are federally endangered, and another five are species of concern. This particular species is considered a coastal species, and is also the only member of its genus with four parted disk florets. L. lobata has two recognized varieties, var. leptophylla (with more slender leaves spaced more closely on the stem) and var. lobata. Of the two varieties, L. l. var. leptophylla is the rarer, with only 3 populations totaling around 140 individuals on the island of Oahu.

L. lobata var. leptophylla, a member of the sunflower family (Asteraceae) is a low, somewhat woody perennial herb that has linear to lanceolate leaves that are closely arranged along its stem. The flowers of L. lobata var. leptophylla have solitary or clustered heads (no more than 3 clusters per node) (Wagner et al. 1999). There may be fewer genetic individuals than it appears, as what looks like individual plants of L. lobata var. leptophylla are actually clones, connected through underground roots. (USFWS 1998)

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