Liatris ohlingerae

Common Names:
Florida gay-feather, scrub blazing star, scrub blazingstar
(Blake) B.L. Robins.
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S.K. Maddox and Tammera Race
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S.K. Maddox and Tammera Race contributed to this Plant Profile.


Liatris ohlingerae (scrub blazing star) is an endemic perennial herb, found only in the sand pine scrub of Polk and Highlands Counties in Central Florida. Its narrow linear leaves help to conserve water in the dry, well-drained sands in which it occurs. In summer and fall, the vivid rose-purple blooms of scrub blazing star spike the usual muted grays and greens of the sand pine scrub. Unlike many other Liatris species, the flowers of Liatris ohlingerae are clustered at the tips of the flowering stalks, not along a tall spike. This species is also distinguished from the eight other Liatris species that occur in Florida by its broad flower heads and narrow leaves. (USFWS 1999)

Scrub blazing star is adapted to fire and drought. The plant itself dies back in the winter, resprouting from a bulb in the spring. It can also resprout after fire.

Scrub blazing star may be locally common where it occurs. However, it is very narrowly distributed within its range. Much of its habitat has been converted for agriculture or other development.

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