Justicia cooleyi

Common Names:
Cooley's Justicia, Cooley's water-willow
Monachino & Leonard
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S.K. Maddox
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Cooley's water-willow is a small but lovely plant. It is a short, rhizomatous, perennial herb that grows to less than 40 cm (16 inches) tall. Justicia cooleyi has upright, square stems that are covered with hairs. Its flowers, which open from August to December, are borne on forked, zigzag branches that are slightly longer that the leaves (up to 5 cm long). The petals are fused into a 10 mm long, two-lipped corolla with a slightly longer lower lip. The lower lip is mottled lavender and white, while the rest of the corolla is bright lavender-rose. Tiny, but worth the look.

This rare species differs from its more common relative, Justicia ovata, because it has thin leaves, dense overall hairiness, and a dark velvety flower lip. (FNAI 2000)

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