Ilex collina

Common Names:
Long-stalked Holly
Growth Habit:
Tree, Shrub
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Irina Kadis
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Ilex collina, a long-stalked holly, is a deciduous shrub of great ornamental potential. It is a multi-stemmed shrub growing to 10 feet, with large berries that range in color from dark scarlet-red to orange and yellow (Small 1933, Strausbaugh and Core 1978, Gleason and Cronquist 1991).

The nomenclatural status of I. collina has changed over the years. It was proposed as a distinct species by E. J. Alexander in 1941. He listed the characters that make I. collina different from I. longipes Chapm. (Brooks 1940) and stated that his new species was related to I. montana Torrey & Gray. Ten years later, Woods (1951) pointed to the affinity of I. collina with I. verticillata (L.) Gray. He described the range of I. collina: from Randolph Co., WV to Smythe Co., VA. In 1957 (Edwin), it was found that the Ilex species clearly showed that there was no significant difference between I. collina and I. longipes and therefore I. collina was reduced to the synonym of I. Longipes. There is still much doubt regarding the taxonomic status of this species.

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