Hibiscus clayi

Common Names:
Clay's Hibiscus, Newhouse hibiscus
Degener & I. Degener
Growth Habit:
Tree, Shrub
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David Orr
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Waimea Valley
National Tropical Botanical Garden

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Hibiscus clayi is a member of the mallow family (Malvaceae). It is a shrub or tree up to 4 to 8 meters tall with stems bearing sparse hairs at the branch tips. The flowers are borne singly near the ends of the branches are dark red in color. Hibiscus clayi was known from scattered locations on private and State land on the island of Kaua`i, but only the Nounou Mountains population, with four trees is still known to exist.

Before cattle were removed from the area, a great amount of damage was done to the Hisbiscus clayi habitat, which contributed significantly to the species decline. Currently, weeds are the major threat and a hiking trail in close proximity to most of the plants make them prone to human disturbance.

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