Geum radiatum

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Appalachian avens, cliff avens, spreading avens
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The North Carolina Arboretum

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Spreading avens is a rare endemic found on a few mountaintops in the Southern Appalachians. This species has received a great deal of attention over the past few decades from government organizations and conservationists who have called attention to the problems facing its continued survival. Several of the remaining populations are managed on public land now and one of the privately owned populations is on Nature Conservancy land and is partially protected. This plant produces bright yellow flowers from June to September and the potential to be cultivated for ornamental use. Unfortunately it has also been collected from the wild at least twice which further endangers this species. Another potential threat is that the coniferous forests that are adjacent to the cliffs where this species is found are dying from the combined effect of an exotic weevil infestation and air pollution. No one knows how this will impact the rare species in these areas.

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