Geum peckii

Common Names:
mountain avens, white-mountain avens
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Elizabeth J. Farnsworth
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New England Wild Flower Society

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Elizabeth J. Farnsworth contributed to this Plant Profile.


This alpine-boreal member of the Rose family can be found growing along mountain streams and rocky wet meadows, as well as bogs and sphagnum-moss depressions. Known from only two places in the world -- the Presidential Mountain Range of New Hampshire, and Digby County in Nova Scotia -- the species is considered something of a glacial relict. It is threatened by encroaching forest succession, and its habitat is likely to shrink further as the climate warms. Road ditching, an expanding gull rookery, and home-building along with a rising tide of ecotourism threaten the Canadian populations.

Research and Management Summary:
A number of individuals and institutions have studied a number of different aspects of this species. Management activities are planned for a Canada population of Geum peckii, but have yet to be implemented as of 2001. The New England Wild Flower Society monitors populations of this species.

Plant Description:
Geum peckii is an herbaceous, compact perennial, growing only 20 to 40 cm tall. Several small, compound leaves, consisting of up to 6 tiny leaflets and one larger, rounded terminal leaflet, cluster around its base. The flowering stalk, appearing June to September, bears 1 to 5 spreading, yellow flowers 1 to 3 cm across.

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