Eriogonum argophyllum

Common Names:
Ruby Valley buckwheat, Silver Lake buckwheat, wild buckwheat
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Sylvia Torti
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Red Butte Garden and Arboretum

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Sylvia Torti contributed to this Plant Profile.


During the 1990's this species was proposed for listing as federally endangered because the one known population was on unprotected property and threatened by a number of activities, including geothermal development that proposed to divert the surface water and lowering the water table that this species depends upon. As of 2000, however, the threat of geothermal development in the vicinity of the known population has been eliminated (see USFWS 2000). In addition, the threat of livestock trampling and off-road vehicle use has apparently been eliminated, as a fence was built around the habitat where the species is found. (USFWS 2000)

Ruby Valley buckwheat is a, low-clumped herbaceous perennial that forms a mat of white-hairy leaves. Yellow flowers that become tinged with reddish-brown as they mature can be found on leafless flowering stalks during the months of June and July . This species is found in only one location in the world, on sulfur pools and near hot springs in Elko County, Nevada. (NNHP 2001)

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