Plagiobothrys figuratus ssp. corallicarpus

Common Names:
coral seeded allocarya, coral-seeded allocarya, fragrant popcornflower
P.f. (Piper) I.M Johnst. ex M.E. Peck ssp c (Piper) Chambers
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Edward Guerrant, Ph.D.
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Edward Guerrant, Ph.D. contributed to this Plant Profile.


Plagiobothrys figuratus is a common and widespread plant found from Vancouver, British Columbia to southwestern Oregon. The more localized Plagiobothrys figuratus ssp. corallicarpus is found at only 18 sites within a small area in the Middle Rogue River Basin and the Jenny Creek watershed in southwest Oregon. It is often hard to tell closely related Plagiobothrys species apart, and one needs the mature nutlet (fruit) in order to differentiate them. This has made it very difficult to survey for P. figuratus ssp. corallicarpus as it is easily confused with more common species. Perhaps for this reason, this species was once thought extinct. It was first collected and described in the early 1920's, but no collections were made from 1946 until its rediscovery in 1991 (Brock 1993). Plagiobothrys figuratus ssp. corallicarpus is distinguished from nearby, related species by its large flowers (8-11mm wide), deeply ridged nutlets and a small attachment scars on the nutlets.

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